CHARIVNA is a craft manufacturer of elegant and business women's clothing

Our team consists of experienced fashion designers and tailors, which skillfully work with advanced processing technologies and perfect cut. We are focused on satisfying the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Old Money, quiet luxury and classic style


She is often called a femme fatale, because of her strong-willed nature and self-love. She pays attention only to the strong, while the weak drool from her charms and cherish the hope of even touching her life with the tips of their fingers.
She has many fans who clumsily try to get to know her. They give her mountains of flowers, hoping for at least a small chance. They resort to unsuccessful manipulations, just to be close.
She does not complicate the processes of being, easily says goodbye to harmful people, harmoniously combines her passions.Her life is pure enjoyment.
She does not care about the social status and resources of the interlocutor. She admires honest altruism, true noble behavior and unostentatious courage. Because she knows that real aristocrats, although they sometimes lost power, but honor and manners never.
She doesn't follow the latest trends — she lives by her own style and vision. She does not wear trends - she inspires their creation.
Charivna is not a style of clothing.CHARIVNA is a lifestyle.

Finding sneakers and jeans in her wardrobe is a whole quest. She loves "eternal classics", heels and elegance.

CHARIVNA, LLC79021, Ukraine, 93 Kulparkivska St., Lviv